Diego Bertoldo M.Ost

Diego discovered Osteopathy while seeking treatments for chronic low back pain. He was soon fascinated by the holistic approach and effectiveness of the treatments.

Diego has a Masters of Osteopathy degree from the British School of Osteopathy, (now known as University College of Osteopathy), and then completed a 2 year post-graduate professional programme with the Institute of Classical Osteopathy.


Diego has spent several years working in osteopathy clinics across London which has allowed him to acquire a wide range experience treating a variety of conditions including sports injuries, longstanding issues and pregnancy related aches and pains.

He continuously develops his skills and knowledge to provide high quality care and the best results for his patients.

Diego now enjoys an active lifestyle and with interests in yoga, meditation, running, badminton, cycling and swimming. His calm and caring approach enables him to engage with people from all walks of life.

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